Worldwide Premiere Of New Bluejuice Video

At surface level it seems that skipping is reserved only for boxers in training, pre-teens in pigtails and people with social problems. But as “Broken Leg” the new video from Sydney five-piece Bluejuice exposes there’s a glorious side to jumping rope which combines the pure joy (and physical benefits) of skipping with the cheesy glam of a Rock Eisteddfod. Ladies and Gentleman we give you the World Skipping Championship of 1985.

The skipping-extravaganza kicks off with a hilarious faux-documentary profiling two legends of the sport Arthur “Venom” Penington and Spiradon “Mr. Invisible” Savvas who you can even befriend on Facebook. Putting aside their differences the two rivals formed like Voltron to front Team Bluejuice and fight for jump rope supremacy against Shimmer Extreme (the lost cousin of Sparkle Motion?) and real life professional skip rope champions.

So without further ado I give you the worldwide premiere of Bluejuice’s “Broken Leg” – a video which reflects the band’s arena rock aspirations, love of skipping and dry sense of humour.