You know what’s better than getting advertising on the site to pay our wages? Partnering up with someone to throw a big ol’ party that we will very happily attend, invite friends to and get seriously involved in an open bar situation at.

Enter Stage Left: Neuw Denim

With inspiration coming all the way from NEUW’s birthplace Nieuwlandstraat, Brussels, this party is set to embody the dark, decadent and gritty vibe of their premium denim.
And we’d like your embody to come too.

For your chance to win a ticket head to THIS link to rsvp. In the words of NEUW, “The Black Rope denim is born from a time when Punk Rockers held the belief that society was fucked and the rules of convention was something that needed to evolve.“As punk redefined music, NEUW have redefined traditional denim making and this party is going to redefine how bloody great you thought you could look in a dimly lit room with a group of fellow denim clad weirdos.

Big Fuckoff ‘Black Wax’ Party x COMING SOON