Money can’t buy you love but it sure can buy you bromance. The big bag Brooklyn love bird, Jay Z, has tendered his company – romantic or otherwise – for charity website And if you should happen to win, we see no reason why your mixtape shouldn’t accidentally fall into Hov’s man bag, right?

The victorious bidder will replace Beyonce and join Z court side at both Madison Square Garden, and the Prudential Centre, for the Big Apple battle royale: Knicks vs Nets, the latter of which Jay is part owner. Living your own slice of the Empire State of Mind, be sure to say hi to Ty Ty, still sippin’ mai tai, sittin’ court side, Knicks and Nets give me high fives. Do it.

You’ll need at least $36k to enter the bidding game, which is where the highest currently sits. All proceeds from the venture will go to the Stephen Gaynor School for special needs children.

Via The Huffington Post
Image by: Ronald Martinez via Getty