Why Runnin’ A Music Fest Like ‘Laneway’ Could Be The Perfect Gig For You

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Pandora to get y’all across all things music. If you’re keen on some banger-related discovery (be it as a career or in the general sense) then start your music journey by sampling their banging St Jerome’s Laneway Festival station HERE

Feeling lost? Confused? Join the fkn club. Those “I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do as an adult since I was, like, five” humans you hear tales of are mythical unicorns. No one knows how to carry out their 18+ years straight off the bat. 
Instead, you’ve gotta have a poke around – you’ve gotta do some ~soul searching~ to land on an option that’s solid for yourself.
We’re here to help facilitate that aforementioned poking around by drawing your attention to a career path that could be a better fit for you than the Chanel boots were for Anne Hathaway
Running / founding / starting / producing a festival is HARD BLOODY SLOG, but getting into it is versatile as hell. Hypothetically speaking, someone with a commerce degree is just as qualified to carry out the role as someone whose finger literally never leaves the pulse of Australia‘s music scene. 
So yeah, we won’t waste our breath telling you to study [insert degree here], or by [insert relevant work experience here]. In an effort to not be entirely useless, however, we can show you what it’s like pulling together an event as huge as St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.
Check out the video below, and if your inner dialogue is still saying “ermergard you should toats run a festival” after it’s over, then the role might be your goddamn calling.
Regardless if it is / isn’t, odds are you love yo’self some music discovery. Start your music journey by getting around Pandora‘s Laneway station HERE for some great bangers and exclusive content.