What is up with Kanye West these days?

By Kanye West standards, Kanye West has done some pretty weird shit lately. Maybe it’s the impending fatherhood and the stark relisation that to do it right, he’ll have to become the second most important person in his life from now on? Maybe the Kardashians are as insufferable as their reality show suggests and he’s having that monumental Bluth family “I’ve made a huge mistake,” moment? Or maybe he’s just bummed the BFF Jay-Z has found a new playmate? Irrespective of the cause, there seems to be a mounting case to suggest Yeezy has to totally last it this time.

Exhibit A

Ridiculous Stagewear
It’s as if the sane performers wear a mask. They give enough of themselves as to allow engagement but keep a little something that is private and that’s theirs. It’s supposed to be a metaphorical mask, Kanye.

Exhibit B
Kanye West: I don’t give a fuck what the president has to say

Claiming that George Bush didn’t care about black people was a bit racist but Kanye got away with it. Hell, he even got some street cred out of it because Bush was so unpopular within the entertainment industry. But taking it to hip-hop’s first president? Career suicide. If Obama calls you a jack-ass, you cop it because you are probably being a jack-ass. It’s all here in the presidential diss chart.

Exhibit C

Bros before hoes (sort of)
The wording may be a little crass but the message is clear and timeless. Unfortunately for Kanye, he may eventually find he has no bros left in his clique after turning on one of his most influential and stabilising partners in crime, Jay-Z.

I got nothing but love for Hov, but I ain’t … with that ‘Suit and Tie,’ ”

It may not be the most cutting or controversial statements he’s ever made, plenty of people agree, but there is a big difference between not digging a friend’s creative work and ripping on it in public.

Kanye went on to bite many more feeding hands in the much publicised tirade against the Grammys, Taylor Swift, and Shampoo manufactures. Can rant.

Exhibit D
Excessive Demon Purging
It must be an odd feeling being “On top of the world, baby.” One minute you’re  feelin’ it, the next (literally a whole minute), you realise you’ve spent the last 60 seconds viciously screaming into the microphone. So yeah, throw down the mic and just walk off stage. At least he got that part right.

via The Huffington Post, Gawker, AOL