We Can’t Look Away From Psy’s Genderbent Performance Of K-Pop Banger

Come one, come all, grab a drink and down it, because Korean news site Star Daily News has uploaded footage of Gangnam Style‘s Psy twerking in booty shorts, and it is somehow, weirdly, not the worst

In what is some very dubious quality footage, a genderbent Psy dons pleather boots and (possibly also pleather) boobs, one of which erupts into sparkles as the performances’ piece de resistance.

Look, we have absolutely no bleeding idea why this clip exists, short of Star Daily News uploading it on December 24. We know where it comes from (they’re dancing to K-Pop group EXID‘s banger ‘Up & Down‘), but the why remains a delightfully tantalising mystery.

Please can no one explain? We all need a little cheer in our lives, and the below gif with no explanation whatsoever is just the ticket.