We Are All One Direction’s Liam In This Soulless Vine From The ARIA Red Carpet

The very real, very palpable effect One Direction had on the red carpet at the 2014 ARIA Awards has already been expounded upon at length here, but what of the toll this inane procession has taken on each individual member of the UK’s international teenage wet dream delegate? 

It’s a considerable one at that, if this Vine capturing Liam’s evident Payne at the prospect of taking selfie after selfie on an endless parade of red carpets from now until the day his career is inevitably eclipsed by Harry’s arrives. 
It’s the myth of Sisyphus for the modern age; it’s a conveyor belt production line in reverse, where the product is Liam and a little piece of his soul is dismantled with every photograph. It’s Hell from your best angle and a Valencia filter. It’s all of our worlds now.
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images