Ahh… no. Video has emerged of US rapper YG asking female fans at his Brisbane concert to flash him, unaware that they were underage.

Footage posted by club promoter Trippa MC shows the rapper telling the Eatons Hill Hotel crowd: “I see some ladies sitting on some shoulders. Don’t sit on those shoulders if you don’t show them titties.”

He then starts chanting, “SHOW THEM TITTIES” until a number of girls – both upstairs in the mezzannine and downstairs on the main dance floor – flash him. He then tells one girl, “Baby, you look like you’ve got mosquito bites, put your ass down,” to groans from the audience.

The video then shows someone running onstage, presumably to tell YG that his audience is 13+.

“Oh shit, y’all are underage, I can’t fuck with y’all,”
he says, before making them promise him they’ll go to school on Monday.

A spokesperson for Eatons Hill Hotel confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV that the main dance floor was 18+, while the mezzanine level was 13+.

Facebook commenters appear to imply that similar banter occurred at his 13+ gig at Sydney‘s Big Top on June 12, but we’ve been unable to verify this.

That being said, the Compton rapper – whose first lot of Aussie shows sold out in 24 hours – has been criticised online for his Sydney and Melbourne gigs after reportedly only appearing on stage half an hour of the three-and-a-half hour set.

P.TV has reached out to MTV Presents – who brought YG out on tour – for comment.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty.