Each and every year, the Reclink Community Cup assembles a rag-tag bunch of Melbourne musos and community broadcasters and pits ’em against each other for fun and profit. Today, those seasoned professionals of not playing footy had a kick about to raise funds for disadvantaged Aussies. 

If that’s not the most Victorian thing you’ve ever heard of, we don’t know what to tell you. In any case, the Rockdogs overcame the Megahertz 63 to 30, but that ain’t as important as the fact charity football games are real things, that really that exist. 

Of course, right at centre of that broadcaster/muso Venn diagram is Waleed Aly. The self-proclaimed rock boffin has previously shown his guitar-playing chops at the Walkley Awards when he tackled Comfortably Numb, but tonight, flanked by Regurgitator and Dan Sultan, he had a crack at another all-time great solo: the soulful string-bender in the middle of Prince’s Purple Rain.

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A video posted by David Meadows (@dmeadows79) on

Dan Sultan, Waleed and Regurgitator just played Purple Rain!! . . . #Regurgitator #reclinkcommunitycup #smellsliketeamspirit #gorockdogs #purplerain

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Is it a note-for-note accurate rendition of the Purple One’s godly original? No, but then again, nobody will ever get close.

Not shabby at all. We’re expecting Stairway To Heaven at next year’s Logies, tbh. 

Photo: @vampyress / Instagram.