WATCH: Vibe Heavily To Nick Murphy On Bonobo’s V. Lush ‘No Reason’ Clip

Oi, grab your headphones for this one.

British producer Bonobo has released a perspective-jarring video clip for his track No Reason, featuring none other than Nick Murphy.

The Aussie crooner (who only recently retired his Chet Faker moniker) casts his voice all over the place: lush swells, icy falsettos, it’s all there. 

As for the clip itself? Well, it’s great for agoraphobes, and terrible for claustrophobes. Shades of Gorillaz’ Dare crossed with a Haruki Murakami fever dream, here:
With any luck, this one may make a sneaky appearance during Murphy’s upcoming Laneway Festival berth; if not, well, you can fang Bonobo’s accomplished newie Migration on repeat until Murphy drops LP #2.

Source and photo: Bonobo Official / YouTube.