WATCH: This Rare Footage Of Sassy Tween Beyoncé Is The Highlight Of 2K16

There is no holier an experience than witnessing unseen Beyoncé footage. Remember in Lemonadeand Life Is… But A Dreamwhen you would get a glimpse of her home videos for the first time – be it her wedding to Jay Z or dancing to Love Fool‘ with Solange in the kitchen – and you were so overwhelmed with happiness it was like you were watching your first child being born?
But who bloody knows when Bey is going to release another groundbreaking visual album or doco, right? For now, feast your eyes upon this tremendous video from a UK auction house Ted Owen & Co. Who knows how the fuck they did it, but they managed to purloin some very rare and highly produced tapes of a 10 year-old Queen B, who already appears to be hellbent on taking over the world. 
At this point of her ~career~ Beyoncé was the lead singer of the band Girls Tyme – the band whose loss on Star Searchin 1993 was sampled at the beginning and end of Bey’s epic feminist anthem, ‘Flawless
The master copy of the footage goes for two and a half hours, but even with the brief snippet made available to the public, there is so much to be said. The 90’s outfits. Bey with braces. HOW MUCH SHE LOOKS LIKE BLUE
The collection of vids is apparently going for around $5.1 million, and is part of a closed auction that runs until January. I’m considering it, tbh. Who wouldn’t pay that much to see Bey performing in her first ever music video? 
It’s all incredibly exciting. Check it out: 
Source: Uproxx
Photo: YouTube.