Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd has fast become known for his completely extra, insanely dramatic videos (See the vid for ‘False Alarm’ HERE, as a perfect example), but this time, he’s gone for a more classic rap video. 

The singer has dropped a video for his track from ‘Starboy’ called ‘Reminder’, which features Drake, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, YG, French Montana, and many more. 

He drives around in a convertible with Rocky, hangs out in a backyard with Drake, spends some quality time with French Montana in front of a jet, and the rest of his peers have cameos peppered throughout the vid. 

WATCH: The Weeknd Drops Massive Vid For ‘Reminder’ Ft. Drake & A$AP Rocky

The inclusion of Drake is particularly interesting, because it’s long been thought that Abel was taking shots and trying to start beef with Drizzy with the release of this song. But apparently not – they seem pretty chill.

The dark video also includes plenty of fire, extremely dark scenes, and half-naked ladies doing some NSFW things. 

Oh yeah… this is probably NSFW. Just like most of his videos, tbh. 

Watch below:

Source: Youtube.