WATCH: The Voice Of Timmy Turner Adds Fairly Odd Vocals To Desiigner’s Tune

You may be one of the people who haven’t picked this up yet: Desiigner‘s banger Timmy Turner is absolutely based around Fairly OddParents character of the same name. We are of the era where rappers watched the same cartoons as you did. That’s how it is.

Because it’s 2016, that fact can’t just hang in limbo. Nope, obviously someone had to find Tara Strong, the voice behind the character, and get her to sing the chorus for a Vine. Because doing it for the Vine is where a meme reaches its zenith, of course.
Nice. Strong is a voice that you’ve no doubt heard a million times before: she’s also Batgirl, Dil Pickles, Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls, Bebe Proud, Raven from Teen Titans, Mary Jane Watson and Harley Quinn.
Source: Vine.
Photo: Getty Images / Bauer Griffin.