WATCH: The Strokes’ ‘Threat of Joy’ Vid Is Out And It’s Pretty Fkn Weird

The Strokes music video for ‘Threat of Joy’ has dropped, and it is… well, it’s really something. 

‘Threat of Joy’ is from ‘Future Present Past’, which is their first EP in three whole bloody years, and that’s far too long to live without a new Strokes album imho. Damn them and their enigmatic musical process!
Since their actual video “got stolen” by those goddamn pigheaded corporate fatcats with their wads of cash and Valentino Couture suits, The Strokes have “made do” with this incredibly bizarre but increasingly loveable commentary on capitalism stamping out creativity for profit as their video. 
It’s shot like a grainy home movie in the 90’s and the plot has all the charm of a classically camp spy movie. And watching Julian Casablancas being manhandled by a SWAT team is pretty fascinating, too. 

Source: Noisey / Youtube.