The Rapture have dropped a new video for their latest single “In The Grace Of Your Love”, which shares its name with last year’s album.

The clip was directed by Melissa Jones, whose hyper-coloured kaleidoscopic vision for the track is strikingly simple and yet all the more befitting of the track’s emotional outpouring.

Last year the band gave us a track-by-track breakdown of the album, and of the title track they had this to say:

Luke: This is the emotional heart of the record. We have been opening shows with this and it feels right – it sets the tone for whatever comes next.

Vito: It was also the first song we finished in the demo process. It was a jam that Luke came in with one day and did the vocals in one take. I remember Gabe and I in the control room looking at each other and smiling. It gave me chills.

Gabriel: It’s a great pleasure to watch the genesis of a song. We wrote this one while Mattie was still playing with us. We had just been jamming for a few weeks and neither Luke nor Mattie had sung a note. There were some fairly awkward moments and at times it seemed aimless. When there where these moments and silences I would try and come up with a simple progression or rhythmic figure. That’s how this one started, with that little two-note keyboard rhythm. Eventually we all started to rally around it and build more complex rhythms and a progression. We jammed on it for a few days and recorded a loose arrangement. Luke then felt some serious inspiration and recorded a scratch vocal straight away. On reflection, it’s all pretty amusing as Mattie didn’t ever seem to appreciate this one and it took Luke a while to realise how beautiful it is too.

In the Grace of Your Love – The Rapture (Official Video) from Dream The End on Vimeo.