Watch The Legendary, Taylor Swift-Petitioning Septuagenarians “Shake It Off”

The world is a beautiful place sometimes, pals.

We saw how a bunch of plucky ‘Strayan septuagenarians from Sydney’s Belvoir St Theatre successfully utilised the power of social media – and the extremely catchy hashtag #greygrey4TayTay – to put the call of the wild out to Taylor Swift, who in turn gave them the big ole’ thumbs up to use “Shake It Off” in their upcoming production of “Seventeen” after a bunch of legal brouhaha initially blocked them from using it.
But with the blessing of TayTay, the show – about a group of senior legends who all play out being 17 again on their last day of school – will go ahead as planned, with no truncated soundtrack issues to contend with.
How happy are they about this particular win?
This happy.

The moment 70-year-old actors from Belvoir St Theatre found out Taylor Swift would let them ‘Shake It Off’ on opening night.

Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald – on Tuesday, 4 August 2015


If you’re keen to check out Seventeen in all its adorable glory, it’s running right now through till September 13th.
You can suss tickets over at the Belvoir St Theatre website.