Just in time for International Women’s Day (somewhere) The Knife, masked Swedish electronic duo and masters of the desaturated music video featuring unnervingly real people lip-synching, have released the video for A Tooth For An Eye, the second single from their long-awaited follow-up to 2006’s Silent Shout.

A Tooth For An Eye is the album opener to Shaking The Habitual, a 98-minute long-player due in April, and the newly-released (and very good) video comes accompanied by a manifesto explaining its apparent dismantling of patriarchal hierarchies:

“A Tooth For An Eye” deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership. Who are the people we trust as our leaders and why? What do we have to learn from those we consider inferior? In a sport setting where one would traditionally consider a group of men as powerful and in charge, an unexpected leader emerges. A child enters and allows the men to let go of their hierarchies, machismo and fear of intimacy, as they follow her into a dance. Their lack of expertise and vulnerability shines through as they perform the choreography. Amateurs and skilled dancers alike express joy and a sense of freedom; There is no prestige in their performance. The child is powerful, tough and sweet all at once, roaring “I’m telling you stories, trust me”. There is no shame in her girliness, rather she possesses knowledge that the men lost a long time ago.

Turns out we do share our mothers health after all: