Serial multi-tasker and Dirty Projectors frontman Dave Longstreth has written and directed a short film called Hi Custodian, because the world (or a four minute video) is not enough. Produced by both YouTube and Pitchfork, the short stars the band, their back catalogue and new material from Swing Lo Magellan.

Hi Custodian was inspired by other epic musical undertakings like Kanye West’s luminescent Runaway and Prince’s Purple Rain and the short shares with Runaway a similar surreal narrative that deals with bread and butter artistic themes like spiritual death (“I’m about to diiiie!”) and rebirth.

Other noteworthy elements include a barren Breaking Bad-esque mise-en-scene contrasted with some beautiful So-Cal countryside; gentlemen of different religions sitting in the back of a Bitte Orca van; tableaus reminiscent of Dutch domestic interior oil paintings; adorable Dalmations; the full-grown offspring of Chas Tenenbaum; chavs hand-clapping in hoop earrings; sudsy carwash scenes and a wandering cripple wrapped in a blanket and a dude in an adult diaper. It’s reliably weird and wonderful. California, here we come:

Via Pitchfork