Watch The Dirty Projectors iPod Inspired ‘Gun Has No Trigger’ Video

Those crazy mountain-folk (via Brooklyn), the aural geniuses/weirdos The Dirty Projectors, are back with the strobe-heavy video for the first single ‘Gun Has No Trigger‘ from their upcoming album ‘Swing Lo Magellan.‘ If it looks pretty straightforward, that’s because it is.

Just kidding. There’s nothing straightforward about these guys.

Directed by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dave Longstreth and starring Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle in matching grey marle American Apparel-esque hoodies (“fuckin’ hipsters” said all the hipsters, everywhere), ‘Gun Has No Trigger‘ takes its visual cues from the default silhouetted avatar gainfully employed by abandoned Facebook and Gmail accounts worldwide, and also re-appropriates those iconic iPod classic commercials with the joyous colours and the dancing and the music. Here’s the concept in Dave’s own experimentally synaesthetic words, which apparently neither of us can figure out:

“GUN HAS NO TRIGGER is about the possibility for true dissent, and how I can’t figure out what that could be. What is a 2012 Exodus from the Society of the Spectacle (to mix language Situationist and Rastafari)? So we made a video from the iconography of the default profile image used by Facebook and Gmail, and also the look of the classic Apple iPod commercials. The colors in the background are the ones I think of when I hear the harmonies of Amber and Haley (via experimental synesthesia). Enjoy!!”