Watch Taylor Swift Poke Fun At Pop Music, Herself In Her New Video For ‘Shake It Off’

All praise be to Taylor Swift – precious tropical plant, gangly dorkish forever person, possessor of four limbs that somehow move independently of each other. Everyone knows the long running joke to do with her hit songs being about scorned lovers and the like. And when we say “everyone” that means “including Taylor herself.”

So whatcha gonna do when your well of material runs a little thin come new album time? Poke a little bit of fun at yourself. That’s what.
Swifty Cent lifted the curtain on the first single from her upcoming album “1989” (Get it? That’s the year she was born. Try and keep up here, gang) in the form of “Shake It Off.”
The song itself has all the requisite Taylor Swift song parts. Remarkably catchy hook. Solid but basic pop song structure. PROFOUNDLY AWKWARD SPOKEN WORD SECTION.
But it’s the video that’s the real winner here, with Swift – in all her awkward magnificence – poking fun at various music video tropes and having an absolute fucking blast doing so.
Go ahead. Laugh now all you want. But you’ll be humming this tune come knock off time.