You thought Tame Impala music videos hit the medium’s boundaries with their lascivious The Less I Know The Better clip, right? 


Utterly bereft of any original footage (hell, even tangentially related footage… or an official co-sign from the band itself), filmmaker / night-terror progenitor Ben Aston has nevertheless crafted a full-body fever dream from free stock footage to accompany the band’s hazy Nangs. 

The result is disconcerting. That ever-present hovering watermark stands between you and this happy chappy, crushing the warm bond he’s trying so hard to form with you through ya screen. 

You’re there, but you’re not; it’s familiar, but so, so foreign. It’s Aunty Donna’s 1999 meets Being John Malkovich. It’s vaporwave meets Dilbert, meets clawing existential dread. 
Christ, I need to lie down. It’s clever, though. Purge your soul below:

Nangs by Tame Impala – a Stock Footage Nightmare from Ben Aston on Vimeo.

Source and photo: Ben Aston / Vimeo.