WATCH: Sydney Icon Danny Lim Starred In An Off-Chops Music Video, FYI

Sydney folks – especially the type to rock up to a protest or two – might be familiar with Danny Lim.

The self-styled peace activist can regularly be found along the city’s east and inner west train lines with a quality sign around his neck. You might remember that one such sign got him into a bit of trouble a few years back, when a couple’a gronks decided his implication that former PM Tony Abbott was a cunt (his sign read ‘TONY YOU CAN’T’, with the ‘A’ upside down to look like a ‘U’) was somehow worthy of a $500 fine. (The community rallied around Danny, quickly paying off his fine via a GoFundMe campaign.)

Well, the former councillor and would-be Federal Senator has another role to add to his CV: music video star. 

Credit: Mr. Miyagi / Facebook.
The 73-year-old will be appearing as a Mr. Miyagi-type character in a new music video for a Sydney rap group Gee Boyz, likely out next mid-next week.
Sydney creative Prema Smith directed the video, and he told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he’d been searching – unsuccessfully – for an elderly Chinese gentlemen for the shoot for a month. [Editor’s note: Mr. Miyagi, from cult classic ‘The Karate Kid‘, is Japanese.]
“There’s a line in the song that references Mr. Miyagi, y’know, ‘wax on, wax off’” he told us.
The shoot was scheduled for Monday 24th April at this $20 million house in Kenthurst, but as of last Sunday, they hadn’t yet found their star.

“I was running around train stations, looking for a Chinese elderly gentlemen,” said Smith. “I thought we’d have to cancel the shoot. It was 10pm and I was knocking on every taxi, asking the driver if they wanted to be in my music video. Nobody said yes, but even then, they weren’t what we were looking for.”

But along came Danny.

“I saw him at Newtown station and just ran up and introduced myself,
” said Smith, who’d never heard of Danny before the chance encounter.

Danny immediately agreed to be a part of the music video, but refused payment. “He said he wouldn’t do it if we paid him,” said Smith.

Which brings us to one of the best images in existence.

For a month I’ve been looking for an elderly Chinese Gentlemen for a music Video. Last night I was so disappointed knowing we had to shoot today an I didn’t have this man I visioned. Then this morning I went to catch the train and I bloody missed it, I was so annoyed with myself, thinking I was going to be late. Then two platforms across from me was DANNY my Chinese gentlemen ( HERO) out of no where!! I got up ran like crazy stopped him from getting on the trained an begged him to be on the music video that I was directing . Best bloody day ever!! Working with @rah_sharma and @vik_vetrivel_dp as directors of photography Couldn’t ask to work with better guys 🙂 A big THANK YOU to our amazing girls today, for their outstanding dancing xx Amazing work ladies @dannyandsmarty @beccad_xox !!! #music #clip #film #lovemyjob #director #actor #singer #songwriter #producer @rae.kathreen #freshprinceoftasmania

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“He’s so intelligent, and he’s just got this great outlook on life,”
gushed Smith on Danny. “He’s someone I’ll have in my life for the rest of my life.”

The music video, called ‘Mr Miyagi’, won’t be out till mid next week, but here’s a taster below.

(You’ll have to turn your phone / head sideways for this one.)

Please never change Danny <3.

Credit: Anya Shcherban / Facebook.
Photo: Prema Smith / Instagram.