Watch SXSW Attendees Fawn Over Jimmy Kimmel’s Fake Bands

Which do you like better, DJ Bikini or DJ Metamucil? Neil Patrick Harassment or Daenerys Targaryen and the Dragon PoniesEspousing an entirely comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the oeuvre and minutiae of obscure musical acts that don’t actually exist using words like ‘oeuvre’ and ‘minutiae’, or being secure enough in yourself to know it’s okay to exhibit a little blind spot where your otherwise encyclopaedic knowledge of culture is concerned? 

Jimmy Kimmel continues to exploit the inherent FOMO complex common to hapless consumers of ‘youth media’ with remarkable results by transplanting the Lie Witness News schtick that has worked so well at Coachella and New York Fashion Week to the beating heart of ‘I prefer their earlier work’ at SXSW in Austin, Texas. 
Seriously though, what do you actually think Jamie Lannister and his sister will be doing in five years, besides each other?