Watch Sufjan Stevens’ Documentary Trailer

When Kaleo La Belle accompanied his childhood friends, brothers Sufjan and Marzuki Stevens, to reconnect with their estranged father; he documented the journey that took them from New York to their roots in Michigan.

The 52-minute documentary, entitled “Crooked River”, captures this rather intimate and emotional road trip that sees them “revisiting blighted landscapes, distant family members and old wounds that never really heal” of their home in Detroit. However, “Crooked River” still awaits a release date. In fact, the film has yet no plans for release. La Belle last week posted a trailer for “Crooked River”, which we hope will prompt more interest amongst fans and distribution companies so that this film will see the light of day.

Shot in 2006, filmmaker La Belle, similarly revisited this theme in his film “Beyond This Place” which explored the complex relationship between him and his own father, after reuniting 30 years later. The film, which had music scored by Sufjan, was released late last year in Swiss cinemas and international film festivals.

Watch the trailer below, as Sufjan boasts about one of his many skills: Pac-Man.