It seems that a solid 99% of the cover medleys thrown on YouTube belong to that one bloke with the fantastic hair who belts out familiar tunes in varying styles. All props to him, honestly, but it is nice to see that video genre receive the occasional mix up.

Aussie Kye Smith seems to feel the same way. The percussionist gifted us all with a vid of his latest effort, a 2-minute tear-through of the top tracks in Triple J’s Hottest 100, and it’s exactly the kind of adrenaline boost you could use on a Thursday eve.

While we appreciate his take on certified stompers like Queens Of The Stone Age’s No One Knows and Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out, our utmost respect goes to the gutsiest tune of all: Alex Lloyd’s Amazing.

It’s still a winner, after all these years. Get tub-thumping below:

Source and photo: Kye Smith / YouTube.