WATCH: Slumberjack Takes M.I.A. To Unexpected Places On ‘Like A Version’

This is more bloody like it.
The annual cover-fest on Triple J known as the blessed ‘Like a Version‘ has had somewhat of a rough start to 2017, perhaps only by comparison given that 2016 levelled us with Friday banger after Friday banger.
But this morning’s one puts itself squarely at the head of the pack.
Perth-based electronic group Slumberjack stepped bleary-eyed into the studios this morning, hauling not only Illinois-based singer K.Flay, but a string trio with them to put a decidedly different spin on M.I.A.‘s 2007 barnburner ‘Paper Planes.’
It’s certainly wholly unique, and it’s certainly very much their own interpretation on the tune, and it’s absolutely completely goddamned grouse.
Peep it, folks. Nil regret decision.

Now that’s a ‘Like a Version,’ right there. Hot damn.
Source: Triple J/YouTube.