WATCH: Rihanna Jammed With Paul McCartney At A Desert Music Fest For Oldies

If you weren’t aware, an unbelievably large conflagration of baby boomers are currently congregating in the California desert for the inaugural Desert Trip – dubbed ‘Oldchella‘ by the media – a music festival comprised of artists way, way past their peak like the Rolling Stones, Neil Young and The Who. It’s the dadliest dadfest that ever dadded.

Helping to lower the average age of performers somewhat, Rihanna popped up on stage to share the mic with Paul McCartney, so they could bang out their 2015 tune FourFiveSeconds. I would be deeply, deeply surprised if many of the attendees knew what FourFiveSeconds was.
If you listen closely, you can hear thousands of dads silently screaming PLAY FREEBIRD.
Source: YouTube.
Photo: Getty Images / MJ Kim