One of the straight up filthiest bangers from Canadian haircut-enthusiast and singer The Weeknd’s latest album ‘Starboy’ has had its music vid drop overnight, with the clip for ‘Party Monster’ showcasing a handful of disparate pop culture aesthetics all smooshed up together.

Old mate Abel has gone and grabbed himself a pinch of classic 90s book/TV series ‘Goosebumps’, mixed in a dash of ‘The Fast & The Furious’ and buried it all under a bucket of David Cronenberg for the new video and it is pretty damn *kisses fingers in the manner of an Italian pizza chef*.

WATCH: Respect The Goosebumps Aesthetic Of The Weeknd’s Dank New Vid


Unforch there’s no appearance from the muso’s rumoured new squeeze Selena Gomez, despite this particular diddy featuring the lyrics “like Selena / ass shaped like Selena”. Now I’m no music video director, but that just seems like a missed opportunity right there. 

Cop a squiz at the intense new vid below:

Image: Youtube