Watch Prince Play A Wise Sex Oracle (Himself) With Zooey Deschanel On ‘New Girl’

Like an F-111 dump and burn after a just-respectable fireworks display, Prince was the spectacular zenith of last night’s episode of Zooey Deschanel‘s reasonably charming manic pixie dream girl vehicle, New Girl.

The Cuban heeled sex oracle made a cameo as himself (a Cuban heeled sex oracle) in an ambitiously random plot twist in which Jess (Deschanel) and her friends find themselves invited to a party at Prince’s house after one of his employees almost runs them over. What ensues at the party contains a couple of flagrant lifts from Dave Chappelle’s legendary Charlie Murphy vs Prince sketch, but it’s pretty fun watching the motherfucking Majestic Purple One school Zooey Deschanel in the art of love, with a little help from the magic of song.

In related news, Prince scheduled the timely release of an allegedly earnest new single “Pretzelbodylogic” a few hours after the New Girl episode went to air. It is the latest track to be previewed from his upcoming album with all-female backing band ‘3rd Eye Girl’, titled Plectrum Electrum.

Via Rolling Stone