Straight off the bat, we concede that Monday afternoons aren’t generally primo party time. For the most part, y’all are still shaking off the dregs of the weekend that was, while trying to reassemble yourselves for the days ahead. 

That still doesn’t mean we’re sorry for bringing you this rich vein of partying, courtesy of the always-on Andrew WK. No sir. Inserting the staunch moshlord into your general vicinity isn’t something we’d ever apologise for, especially when he’s crafting a #tune about nought but pizza. 

As part of Tastemade’s bread, sauce and cheese-centric All the Pizza series, the perpetually stoked muso was given the opportunity to imbibe in some fine-ass slices. In return, he was tasked with crafting a ditty ’bout it on the spot, and we’re not mad about it. Not at all. 
If your busy modern lifestyle restricts you from spending 16 minutes admiring the bloke’s arms as he writes with host Carlo, do not fret: the song in question can be heard from 13:30. And, yes, he cranks out the pizza guitar, because it’d be frankly criminal not to.
This vid has everything, so we guess it’s basically bloody supreme. Watch:

Source and photo: Tastemade / YouTube.