If (like many of us) you briefly went through a phase where you were in a band, you will know that making a music video is hard. Actually, scratch that. Making a good music video is hard. 99% of the world’s music videos are just the band miming along to the song intercut with footage of their mates hanging out.

Pretty much every music video has been done (most of them by OK Go) and it gets harder and harder every year to come up with something completely new. My friends, Young Thug (or, at least, the director responsible for this video) has managed the impossible with a video for his track ‘Wyclef Jean‘.

It’s hard to tell how much of it is true and how much is just some spin added in for a bit of flavour, but if you accept the narrative presented in the video, the story goes like this: Ryan Staake was hired to co-direct the video with Young Thug, put together shots based on his requests, and did the best that he could without Young Thug ever actually showing up.

It’s almost a meta-video about the process of actually making the video – pointing out problems and shortcomings and things that were made up on the spot, spilling on issues with the label and making not-at-all-veiled references to ‘Requiem For A Dream‘ that for some reason the legal team decided to nix.

Is it all true? Maybe not. Is it a crazy spectacle? You bet your ass:

Source and photo: YouTube.