Watch: New Videos for Madonna and M.I.A.

New videos from two of music’s more controversial ladies dropped this morning, with Madonna warming up her hips so as not to break one ahead of this weekend’s Superbowl and M.I.A. teaming up once again with directional French provocateur Romain Gavras to drag Saudi style through a seemingly Middle Eastern desert.

Madge looks kinda drunk fake breastfeeding and punting a baby doll like it’s nobody’s business, walking up walls horizontally and being carried everywhere by a football team – which is probably how she actually gets around – in the video for her latest single “Give Me All Your Luvin.” Last weekend we caught a glimpse of Madonna and M.I.A. goofing around in a sound booth so it’s good to see these two actually do some proper work.

Guest appearances on the track include M.I.A. who looks Superbored and a bit pissed off (which could be why she insists on shooting something in all her singles), and Nicki Minaj, who seems pretty stoked to be in a room with someone who for once can eclipse the ridiculousness involved in being Nicki Minaj.

There’s also the inevitable Marylin Monroe costuming in a dream sequence populated by anime-masked cheerleaders and enough bottles of Smirnoff to make whatever Madonna pulls out for this year’s half-time show seem like a touchdown.

On a more serious note – but only just – M.I.A.’s video for “Bad Girls” was shot in Ouarzazate, Morocco, at the same studio where Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy and Gladiator were shot (I think Sex & The City 2 was also shot there, but let’s not speak of that), and features a whole lotta chains bangin’ on chests covered with sequined jumpsuits and some pretty incredible criminal Saudi drag race stunt driving.

Special mention goes to M.I.A. for filing her nails at what I imagine isn’t the most opportune moment for a manicure, as well as to the ‘Born Free’ star cameo in the final five seconds. Live fast, die young – or if you’re Madonna: live fast, never die, apparently.