WATCH: Michelle Obama Drops Rap Video, Proves She’s Got Mad FLOtus

In news you probably didn’t expect to read ever today: Michelle Obama is a rapper now.

Yo, yo, yo!

Aaaaaall youuuuu
Suckah First Laydees ain’t got nothin’ on me!
On my crib, on my boo
You can’t touch FLOTUS, G!

FLOTUS collabed with SNL comedian Jay Pharoah for the rap video, which has the very unstreet title ‘Go To College’.
As it implies, her foray into the hood lyf is part of her Reach Higher campaign, which encourages kids to get a higher education.
Look, it’s not great:
“If you wanna fly jets, you should go to college. Reach high and cash checks, fill your head with knowledge.”
Most of the time, there’s poor / no evidence of rhyming:
“If you wanna watch paint, don’t go to college. But for everything else, you should go to college.” 
But we give Michelle – who grew up in a working-class family in the South Side of Chicago and went onto ace Princeton and Harvard degrees – an ‘A’ for enthusiasm. And bringing a bit of sumthin’ sumthin’ to the White House front lawn.
Please enjoy this genuine ‘Wow, this is the world we live in’ moment:

Source: CollegeHumor