We are eight days into the year, and we’ve already been inflicted with the most troubling meme of 2017. 

Taking inspiration from the maverick Jon Sudano – and at least one timeless sitcom – Melbourne-based producer / musical deviant Victory Lap has created SM*A*S*HMOUTH. 

As if its name didn’t give it away, it’s a mash-up of Smash Mouth’s All Star and, uh, the M*A*S*H theme song. Rather, it’s a radiation-blasted abomination of a track that we cannot help but listen to.

It ain’t just a gee-up, either: this thing is worryingly well-crafted, and we’ll be damned if that iconic horn refrain doesn’t mesh with those impossibly memorable lyrics. Essentially, it’s what would’ve happened if The Avalanches devoted their time to internet in-jokes instead of Wildflower:


Bonus round: a cursory glance of their Soundcloud reveals Victory Lap was behind that Kendrick Lamar / Mario Bros. mash-up you may have heard a lil’ while back. With this knowledge, we’re equally concerned and curious as to what else will be bubbling up in 2017.

Source: Victory Lap / YouTube.
Photo: CBS Photo Archive / Getty / Smash Mouth / YouTube.