WATCH: Meghan Trainor Stacked It On ‘Fallon’, You Schadenfreude-Hungry Fuck

Meghan Trainor has carved a pretty unique niche in the saturated pop-music market. Drawing attention to our cultural obsession with conventional beauty standards through stereotypically glittering tuneage is a clever conceit, and she’s building a solid career out of it. 

The thing is, some of those norms have still infiltrated her whole schtick. Despite claiming she recently pulled the new clip for Me Too due to egregious retouching, her gig on Fallon featured quintessential Western beauty icons: heels. 

And they thirsted for blood. 

Look at it this way: she seemed to be alright at the end of that little spill, and Jimmy was kind enough to join her down there, bringing an added sense of levity to the whole deal. 

And she even get to finish the tune! Win-win. Now, you’ve had your ill-gotten lols, move along. 

Source and photo: Twitter.