WATCH: Matt Okine Pops His Juicy Buns In Coda Conduct’s New Booty Anthem

Aussie hip-hop duo Coda Conduct have released a new track all about booty equality, and we are so here for it.

Click Clack (Front N Back) – featuring a cameo from larrikin-about-town Matt Okine –  is here to shine light on the oft-overlooked male booty, letting our junk-trunked brothers twerk with the ladies.

Honestly, these booty gags are A+:

“Met him as a waiter at a restaurant

Hips swingin’ to the disco funk beat

I was like HOO, can I get some sesame seeds

On the top of these fresh baked buns please.”

Very Missy Elliott, very innuendo.

PEDESTRIAN.TV is premiering the video clip today, so feast thine eyes in the booty + visual booty gags below:

Photos: Supplied.