Watch Mac DeMarco Display Ultimate Chill, Perform On A Rowboat

You know what floats our boat? News Mac DeMarco is part of the Falls/Southbound Festival 2015 line-up.

You know what floats Mac’s boat? Living by the water – specifically in Far Rockaway, Queens, where he recorded his breezy AF mini-LP Another One, which dropped a few days ago.
To prove how much he loves H2O, the 26-year-old Canadian performed album standout ‘No Other Heart‘ aboard a second-hand rowboat he bought himself for his birthday, because why the fuck not.
He’s literally in the middle of nowhere, LOOK:
Check out the video he recorded for NPR’s Field Recordings (we challenge you not to float away on an orgasmic sound cloud):

From covering Eric Clapton’s ‘Change The World’, inviting fans over for coffeereleasing a video for Salad Days cut ‘Blue Boy’, or playing Jenga, your boy Mac displays max levels of chill at all times.

God love ‘im.