Have you ever rifled through your parents’ Polaroid albums, only to be overcome by tidal waves of misplaced nostalgia? An unshakeable belief it should have been you sashaying through the gauzey realm of mid 60’s life? 
If so, Lana Del Rey’s hazey, brand-spankers clip for Freak from last year’s Honeymoon is essentially your kaleidoscopic back to mid-century California. Also, expect bulk blotter tabs to be dropped. Subtle. 

Featuring quasi-mystical compatriot Father John Misty, the clip spreads washed-out visuals over that ever-so-gooey beat, featuring a nifty closure by ol’ mate Claude Debussy. 
The effect? Well, it’s a dreamy ten-minute sojourn that might just provide the red American sunshine you so sorely crave. Behold:

Source and photo: Vimeo.