Watch Lady Gaga Talk Sex, Art, Pop And ARTPOP With BBC2’s ‘Culture Show’

Below you’ll find Miranda Sawyer and the BBC2 Culture Show’s full half-hour, selfie-styled special devoted to the discussion of dance, sex, art, pop and tech in ARTPOP, the third album from the recording artist who no doubt informed your decision to arrive at this point in your day and who earlier today asked that you might contribute work to a crowd-curated exhibition due to arrive in Australia early next year. 
In it, the two discuss Lady Gaga’s collaborative artistic work extraneous to the album, including a series of portraits undertaken with auteur theatre director Robert Wilson to be shown next year at The Louvre and her work with Marina Abramovic; her perception of herself in relation to her self-styled performances and her sexuality (“I don’t particularly find myself to be very sexy, actually”); her “perverted, terrifying” early sexual experiences; her (perceived) pretensions toward artistic integrity and education; whether or not “anything I’ve done is any good” and the nature of pop music as a cum shot. Enjoy!
Photo: Larry Busacca via Getty