WATCH: Kingswood Get All Horned Up W/ Destiny’s Child For ‘Like A Version’

After the recent cover of ‘Hold Up’ by the very good folks in Holy Holy, we have been once-again blessed by Queen Bey, with Kingswood stepping into the Triple J studios this morning to serve up an absolutely mammoth, knock-ya-socks-off rendition of ‘Say My Name by Destiny’s Child.

How the shit did we ever get so blessed as to have two Bey-heavy tracks in the space of a month? We are surely not worthy.
The Kingswood boys brought in a whole crew of friends to help them turn the already-huge banger into something absolutely monumental. I mean, they have a horn sections for God’s sake. A HORN SECTION.

I’m calling it – this is going to be the ‘Like A Version’ of the year. Keep this one in your back pocket for when you’re voting in the Hottest 100 later on this year.
Clock your peepers on this one, fam. It’s bonkers good.
All covers to be Beyoncé from here on out, please and thank you.
Photo: Triple J / Facebook.