WATCH: Kendrick Lamar Passes On The Value Of Hard Work In Oddly Cool PSA

If anyone else had done this, hoo boy would it have ended up being horrifically self-aware and egotistical.

Yet, such is the general all-around humility of Kendrick Lamar that it’s totally kind of wonderful.
The To Pimp A Butterfly artist – one of PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s favourite albums of the year, by the by – has released a video that does naught but trumpet the virtue of hard work.
It’s not a music video as such. It’s really more of a Saturday morning PSA – an interstitial between cartoons, except with infinitely higher production values.
Kendrick, shooting a few hoops with a young relative, gets stopped on multiple occasions by fans – but prioritises showing the young lad that it doesn’t change who he is, and that it’s all the product of hard work.

It’s all about the grind, friends. Grind hard, get results.
‘Course a bucketload of talent doesn’t go astray either. But work ethic is always the engine.
Source: Uproxx.