WATCH: ‘Keep Sydney Open’ Explains Lockouts BS So Any Idiot Can Get It

The latest effort from Keep Sydney Open is a simply yet v. v. effective video that implores the city’s lawmakers to understand the extremely damaging effects the lockout laws have had on their business, i.e.:

  • That foot traffic in Kings Cross is down 84%.
  • That almost 50 clubs, bars, restaurants and venues have shut down.
  • And our international rep is being tarnished.

“If you wanted to reduce shoplifting, would you lock up the doors of your shop and hide all the stock in the cellar?” the clip asks.

It’s asking for what the Keep Sydney Open movement has been after all along, for the NSW Government / Mike Baird to work with venues to help them all achieve the collective goal of reducing violence, by looking to solutions that have worked overseas.

That, and, y’know – not punishing the overwhelming majority of people who once managed to enjoy Sydney’s vibrant nightlife without clocking / glassing / coward-punching anyone.

Sydney legends Joyride, Entropico and Touch Sensitive lent their respective talents to produce the below:

Keep Sydney Open

It’s simple really: let’s tackle the real problems and build a great city at the same time.Thanks to Entropico for coming up with this, Joyride for lending his pipes and Touch Sensitive for being a synth-lord.

Posted by Keep Sydney Open on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

From Matt Barrie‘s OG viral piece that kickstarted public interest again, to the 15,000 people who took to the streets last month in protest (see the excellently punny picket signs HERE), the Keep Sydney Open movement is showing zero signs of slowing down.

#CasinoMike continues to steadfastly ignore this very vocal section of the community (save for that one, total car-crash of a Facebook post) but hey – can’t last forever.
Keep up the stellar work, legends.

Source / Photo: Keep Sydney Open.