WATCH: Karlos Sticks Up For T-Swift, Tells Calvin “Stick That In Your Neck”

The last few days have seen no shortage of steaming hot takes on the subject of Taylor Swift, but our beloved Karl Stevanovic may have just plopped out the hottest, juiciest one of all. 
On this morning’s episode of Today, Karlos stepped up to defend Tay from the legions of haters who have emerged from the woodwork following her recent breakup with Calvin Harris.
Old mate also took a crack at Calvin for his recent Twitter rant, saying:

“Weirdly, the world can sometimes bag Taylor Swift, and her ex-boyfriends do the same. But who cares? Dude, you just lost Taylor Swift! Stick that in your neck.”

He signed off by saying:

“In your own immortal words… Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, players gonna play play play play play. Keep playing, and keep loving. Australia loves you back. And your cat Meredith.”

Enjoy content at its finest:

Source: Today.