WATCH: Kanye Jumps On Drake’s Set To Bust A Victory Lap Around T-Swift

Say what you will about the still-unfurling Kanye West + Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift saga – and, oh God, a lot has been said – but you cannot deny the fact seeing Yeezy materialise on stage during a Drake set is orders of magnitude more hype-worthy than most appearances T-Swizzle can muster. 

Especially when he uses his time as a victory lap, not-so-subtly taking a dig at Swift before launching into the song that started this mess in the first place. 

Truly, an unburdened Kanye is a sight to behold, and the bloke is practically giddy when he tells the Chicago crowd “all I gotta say is, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat, because now y’all can know the truth and can’t nobody talk shit about Ye no more.”

Outside of casting a considerable quantity of shade with Famous, ‘Ye also busted out some of Pop Style and Father Stretch My Hands. 

If you told the world in 2008 that the public would see Kanye West as having the moral highground in a stoush with Taylor Swift, you’d be laughed outta the goddamn room. But here we are. A grown man won a PR victory via his wife’s social media channel, and the results are mind-blowing.

Source: Vulture. 
Photo: @the.maz / Instagram.