We’ve come a long bloody way from when America’s pop juggernauts collaborated with soft drink brands. 

Kanye West’s Wolves is the second in a series of so-ballsy-he-might-just-pull-it-off music videos for The Life Of Pablo, and it features exactly none of the nudity on display in the clip for Famous.

In fact, the entire cast, including Vic Mensa and ‘Straya’s own Sia, are decked out in glittering Balmain digs. It’s not exactly a surprise the dude would elect to kit his posse in couture, considering his bonkers passion for high fashion.

What is kinda surprising is the vulnerability on display. Stylistic decision or no, the clip captures ‘Ye and Kim Kardashian West shedding some shimmering tears; we find the man himself getting pushed the hell around; and then, there are the near-paranoid lyrics themselves.

Dare we say the stark, if dazzling, outfits serve to simultaneously attract attention while distracting the audience from the “real”, fragile figures on display – a similar conceit enacted by the wax analogues in Famous.

Or, it’s just a music video from a bloke with the bank balance to match his ostentatious vision. Flip of a coin at this point. 

WATCH: Kanye Cries In Couture For The Stark And Sparkling ‘Wolves’ Clip


Source and photo: Kanye West / Vevo / YouTube.