WATCH: Kanye Cancels Show After Losing His Voice, Awkwardly Floats Away

Justin Bieber can storm the hell off stage whenever the hell he pleases, but for Kanye West to drop the mic in the middle of a performance is a slightly more involved process. 
During a recent stop at the Inglewood Forum in California, Yeezy began feeling a little, um, uneasy, and eventually had to call the whole off, when his voice became too hoarse to perform. 
“Turn the lights up. Show’s over,” he said, when it became obvious he couldn’t go on. “I can’t let ya’ll have a show where I can’t perform. I’m very sorry. I love you. I promise to do better next time.”
Problem is, Kanye’s Saint Pablo tour has him performing on a giant, levitating platform, twenty feet or more above the crowd, so after the music was cut, he had to sadly float his way out of the venue while the crowd cheered for him to return.
It looked pretty uncomfortable:

Kanye told fans that he’d give them a refund for the show, although Ticketmaster later clarified that he “doesn’t have the authority to issue refunds”, which doesn’t exactly square with the idea of him being a god, but sure.
Angry fans have reportedly been calling Ticketmaster since the night of the show, and they have promised to come up with “some kind of solution”, but haven’t yet said what. 

Source: AV Club.
Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty.