Sydney’s lockout laws have had a serious impact on the city’s live music scene, but musos are only goin’ harder because of it.

DJ and MC Joyride is the latest talent to have a red hot crack at the legislation in his newie Kings And Queens, which takes aim at the policies that keep the city quiet – and the people who are working to enforce them.
Old mate makes his take well-bloody-known when his effected voice intones “we knew what it’s about / So try to kick us out / You’ll hear out voices in the thousands when we start to shout.”

Oh, and the video clip? It’s Play School meets Godzilla, thanks to artful contributions from his lil’ nieces. 

Kings And Queens is the first track from his upcoming solo release. If this one is anything to go by, you can expect to get political in the club when it drops in full.

Source and photo: Joyride / VEVO.