Watch Jarryd James Take Weezer On A Neo-Soul Dream Ride For ‘Like A Version’

When it comes to Triple J‘s Friday institution Like a Version, there’s your straight covers that apply a faithful brush to the original source material – and then there’s the complete and utter reimaginations, the likes of which tend to hug the extremes; there’s very little middling ground.

Whilst from time to time you get the odd cover that completely misses the mark, Jarryd James waltzed straight into Triple J’s studios this morning safe in the knowledge that he knew EXACTLY where the bullseye was.
The Brisbane crooner took a 90s college rock staple in Weezer‘s 1995 hit “Say It Ain’t So,” and brought it directly into neo-soul territory, taking Rivers Cuomo‘s original melody on a dreamy, lilting ride; a soft slow jam that still manages to keep the original’s sense of rise and fall in tact.
To be honest, we could listen to this all day – on repeat.
To be even more honest, we probably will.
Czech it.