WATCH: Jack & Karen Suck Face In New ‘Will & Grace’ Reboot Promo

As 2017 enters its second half and all your favourite American TV shows edge closer to returning to our screens, there’s a lot to get hyped about, however we must insist you reserve a large portion of said hype for the long-waited return of seminal NBC sitcom ‘Will & Grace‘.

Not only one of the best-written comedy shows of its era, with razor-sharp wit often deployed at breakneck speed, but an important forerunner in queer representation on mainstream media, Will & Grace is simply an all-time classic.
AND IT’S COMING BACK BABY, with a brand new promo dropping today ahead of its return sometime this Spring after over a decade off the air.
In the new tease, the main four of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen are back on set and quite frankly just fooling around like a bunch of silly buggers. Also, Jack and Karen just straight-up (lol) go for eachother, pash-wise. Have a geez:


Picture: YouTube / Will & Grace.