WATCH: If Ya Dig Yeasayer, You’ll Dig Talisco’s Freshie ‘A Kiss From LA’

French indie electronica artist Talisco have been kicking around for less than two years, but his sound is already getting big ups. His latest album, Capitol Vision, is basically a tribute LA, with an audio and visual language straight out of Hollywood.

For Capitol Vision, as a musician and a producer, I decided to be who I am, to satisfy only myself, to have fun and explore all the directions I was interested in, letting go of the fear of disappointment, of the fear of the unknown.

The first release from the album, A Kiss From LA, comes fresh with a sick video, premiering today on PEDESTRIAN.TV. A love letter to the city, with both its glammier and seamier sides, it really shows off that Talisco has a massively cinematic vision for his music.
If you love Yeasayer, oldschool Van She or Jonathon Boulet, then you’ll like this.